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Powerful . . . haunting.
— Catherine Porter, Toronto Star, on Living Downstream
A convincing and necessary documentary. It’s also, despite its daunting subject matter, a movie you’ll want to watch. . . Living Downstream does an excellent job of engaging the viewer’s curiosity and telling an inconvenient truth through the lens of interesting science and one fascinating woman.
— Ali Gadbow, Missoula Independent, on Living Downstream
Handsomely photographed and powerfully argued. . . . Steingraber’s scientific cool and unflagging sense of mission make for an arresting portrait of a self-styled modern-day Rachel Carson.
— Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post, on Living Downstream
Director Chevannes succeeds in creating a film that moves beyond tragic circumstances, building a narrative that illustrates the triumph of the human spirit.
— John Bonnar, Toronto Social Justice Magazine, on SASA!
An absolute must-see. Excuse my clichés, but Living Downstream is powerful, it is inspiring, it is moving, it is—quietly, like our hero—a tear-jerker. And, upon seeing it yourself, you are likely to make similar exhortations to your friends and family.
— Don Schwartz, CineSource Magazine, on Living Downstream
A reminder of the magnitude of the problems facing sub-Saharan Africa.
— Talha Burki, The Lancet, on SASA!